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Mobile Snowkite School operating in the best spots of the Alps
(Italy, France, Switzerland)

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Find out more about our spots. We operate in some of the most beautiful areas of the Alps

Lessons & Courses

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Course introduction

Lessons & courses

1 day course

A good introduction to the sport. You will learn to set-up and fly the kite. Once comfortable you will attempt your first slides on the snow.
Goal: to fly the kite.

2 day course

A full day dedicated to riding skills. You will learn how to ride in all the different directions: up-down wind, up-down hill. Goal: to ride in all directions.

3 day course

For all those who want to become independent riders. Usefull techniques and tips to give you and extra. Transitions and first jumps.
Goal: to become an independent rider.

Private tuition 1-2-1​

Tailor made lesson that will assure you a fast progression thanks to the one to one formula, 1 student and 1 instructor.

Private tuition 2-2-1​

Ideal for friends or couples that would like to share this experience together with an instructor fully dedicated to themself.


Suitable for all people over 12 years old that are able to ski or snowboard at a basic level. Arms strength is not necessary as the key is in the technique. It is not about flying but gliding on snow pulled by a kite.


The wind is 100% free and ecological 

Pure freedom and performance

Snowkiting centre Team

Riders deep inside our soul

Kiting Surfing Waves Mountains

The Snowkiting Centre is a fresh project that was born in summer 2014. Our main focus is to help promoting this sport making it achievable for everyone interested.       

On the top of that the clean energy of the wind really captured our attention. 100% Eco-Friendly snowkiting will allow you to explore wild and pristine places, far away from crowdy long queues for the  lifts.

Originally The Snowkiting Centre project was born from Gregorio Ceccoli, kitesurf instructor with more than ten years of experience in the field, surfer yes... but also mountain lover. 

"Fun and adrenaline, a UNIQUE experience !"

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Loc. Villette, 4 Vetan, Saint-Pierre, Aosta (AO), 11010, Italia

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